MBS Course Information for Academic Year 2015-2016


1.     Application for change of course(s) form is available in Part C.

Last Updated: December 29, 2015


A. Course Information

  • Regulations and Syllabuses of Degree of Master of Buddhist Studies 2015-2016
  • Detailed Course Outline 2015-2016   

B. Course Schedule

·        MBS 15-16 Timetable with Class Venue
(Please refer to main campus map for detailed classroom location)

HKU Map Print Version

Centennial Campus Floor Plan Print Version

·        Dates of Semesters 2015-2016

·        HKU Calendar for the Academic Year 2015-2016

C. Course Enrolment Information

  • Important Notes for Course Selection 2015-2016  
  • Application for Change of Course Form  
  • Application Form for BSTC6025 Dissertation

D. Occasional Student

Anyone who is interested to take only particular courses of the MBS programme may consider to enroll as Occasional Students (OS).

A Certificate of Attendance with final grade will be issued to OS who have attended at least 80% of teaching sessions and completed all the required assignments/ examinations with passing grade.

OS applications should be submitted at least two weeks before the semester begins (First semester begins on 1 September 2015; Second semester begins on 18 January 2016).

Please refer to the OS guidelines and application form below:

- Guidelines & Application Form
- Sample Certificate

(Last updated: 23 July 2015)

E. Other Useful Information

  • How to add Pali & Sanskrit Diacritics

Free fonts available for download: (If you are experiencing difficulties in accessing some "diacritic" marks in the documents, please download the whole of these fonts and install in your 'Fonts' windows.)


Instruction: Setting---->Control Panel---->Fonts---->File---->Install New Font Select the font and click OK.
Times Norman Bold Italic
Times Norman Italic

Times Norman Roman

·        Four level template for essay submission

·        Cancellation of classes and examinations during Typhoon or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal

·        Important Notes on Plagiarism

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