Undergraduate Courses offered by Centre of Buddhist Studies in 2013-2014 (For HKU undergraduate students only)

In view of the increasing awareness and interest of students towards Buddhist Studies, the Centre of Buddhist Studies offers undergraduate courses which focus on the elementary understanding and practical usage of Buddhist teachings. Each course carries six credits. They are offered as electives for undergraduates from ALL faculties.

Elective Courses

Timetable and Class Venue (Last updated: July 23, 2013)

Semester 1


Life and Buddhism 


Life and Buddhism 


Chinese Buddhism and Ritual


Buddhist psychology and mental cultivation 

Semester 2


Introduction to Buddhist teachings 


Buddhism in today’s world   


Introduction to Buddhist art 


Common Core Course

CCCH9018   Buddhism and Chinese Culture (under the category of “China: Culture, State & Society”)

For more information about this course, please visit here.

All courses are taught in English for students from all faculties.


(Last updated: July 31, 2013)



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