MBC Course Information for Academic Year 2022-2023



MBC Application Form for Course Enrollment and Important Notes for Course Selection are avaliable now.

Regulations and Syllabuses and Dates of Semesters for the academic year 2022-23 are available below.

Last Update: Aug 15, 2022


A. General Course Information

  • Regulations and Syllabuses of Degree of Master of Buddhist Counselling 2022-2023 http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/images/btn_PDF.jpg
  • Criteria for the Award of Distinction http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/images/btn_PDF.jpg
  • Credit Unit Statement http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/images/btn_PDF.jpg
  • Programme Learning Outcomes, Course Learning Outcomes and Assessment Methods http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/images/btn_PDF.jpg
  • Dates of Semesters 2022-2023 http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/images/doc.gifhttp://www.buddhism.hku.hk/images/btn_PDF.jpg
  • HKU Calendar for the Academic Year 2022-2023 http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/images/btn_PDF.jpg


B. Course Enrollment and Capstone Experience


C. Other Useful Information

  • HKU Map Online Version
  • HKU Map Print Version http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/images/btn_PDF.jpg
  • Centennial Campus Central Podium Level (CPD) Floor Plan Print Version http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/images/btn_PDF.jpg
  • Cancellation of classes and examinations during Typhoon or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/images/btn_PDF.jpg
  • Important Notes on Plagiarism http://www.buddhism.hku.hk/images/btn_PDF.jpg



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