Special Collections is the Centre's departmental library, serving mainly our students, alumni and staff, and it is also opened to the public as a Reference library. Our collection covers books from various streams of Buddhism and other ancillary subjects such as philosophy, psychology, ethics, history and arts. It also includes Buddhist literary sources in Sanskrit, Pali, Classical Chinese and Tibetan. We have over 4,600 books and periodicals and around 400 audio-visual materials, including textbooks and recommended references for the courses of Master of Buddhist Studies(MBS) as well as Undergraduate Courses.
Closure Notice

Dear All,

Due to the expansion of our Centre?�s academic programmes and the subsequent needs for additional office space, our Special Collections (the small library in our Centre) will need to be closed down and converted to staff office. It is with sincere regret that our Special Collections will have its last day of service on December 31, 2018.

We would like to draw your kind attention to the following arrangements during the coming transitional period.

- Lending service is available until November 30, 2018
- Special Collections will remain open from December 1 to 31, 2018 but lending service will not be available
- All borrowed items must be returned to the Special Collections on or before December 31, 2018
- The Special Collections will be closed down after December 31, 2018

It has been our great pleasure serving you all over the years and we are very grateful to your continuous support.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at 3917-5075.

Best Regards,
Dr. Guang Xing
Centre of Buddhsit Studies


As at 31 August 2015, Special Collections has a stock of over 5,000 items - books, periodicals and audio-visual materials.

(1) Reference Collection.
This collection includes Pali Tipitaka and its English translation, Sanskrit Buddhist texts, Taisho Tripitaka and Shinsan Zokuzokyo (Xuzangjing), Fo Guang Da Zang Jing, Tibetan Tipitaka (Tengyur), dictionaries and encyclopedias. Reference materials are for library use only. They are marked with red tags on the backbone.

(2) Audio & Video Collection.
Audio and video resources have collections on Buddhist teachings, talks of masters, documentary programmes, recordings of conferences and forums, guided meditations, etc. Materials recorded by the Centre are for library use only.

(3) Lending Collection.
Lending Collection is the largest. It consists mostly of Buddhist books and Buddhist periodicals, covering such areas as history, doctrines, and practice.

(4) Oversize Collection.
This collection contains all large size books. They are marked with green tags on the backbone.

Library Classification Schemes
All the materials of Special Collections are classified by using the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) System. LCC numbers utilize alphanumeric system. For LCC Outline, please click here.

Subclass "BQ" is used by LCC System for Buddhism. To find more details under Buddhist subject, please click here.

Services and Facilities

  • Services: Circulation & Reservation Service, Online Catalogue, and Information Services. Please consult the Circulation Desk if you require information on

  • - using the online catalogue
    - renew or recall item(s)
    - locating materials
    - looking for textbooks/reference of our courses
    - using electronic resources
    - searching information under a subject

  • Facilities: Study area, discussion tables, two computers with Microsoft applications and access to the Internet, and one laser printer.

  • User Information

  • Library Catalog Search
  • Opening Hours for November, 2018
  • New Additions List, December, 2017

  • Loan Quotas
    (1) Students of Master of Buddhist Studies* - 5 (22 days)
    (2) MPhil / PhD students of the Centre- 5 (45 days)
    (3) Administrative/ Research Staff - 5 (45 days)
    (4) Teaching Staff - 5 (90 days)
    (5) Students of Certificate Course in Buddhist Textual Studies (deposit fee required) - 3 (22 days)
    (6) Undergraduate students - 3 (22 days)
    (7) Alumni of the Centre - 3 (22 days)
    (8) Benefactors - 5 (45 days)

    * Occasional students of the Centre of Buddhist Studies have NO borrowing privileges.

    Loan Period
    (1) Reference Collections and Audio & Visual materials that are recorded by the Centre are for library use only.
    (2) Core textbooks/reference can be borrowed for 7 days only.
    (3) Other circulating materials can be borrowed for the specified days listed as above.
    (4) Online renewal is NOT available. Please contact the librarian for item renewal.
    (5) Please contact the librarian if any item recall is required. Once the item is returned, the user will be informed by email for item picking up. The item will be held at the circulation counter for 3 working days.
    (6) Borrowers are responsible for returning their loans by the due date.

  • More details of Regulations and Rules

  • How to Join
    Register at the circulation counter to borrow items and use our services. Please bring along your University ID card for registration.


    Address: Room 409, 4/F, The Jockey Club Tower,Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong,Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
    Tel: (852) 3917-5075
    Fax: (852) 2549-3040
    Email: cbslib@hku.hk
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