Mr. Georgios T. Halkias, Director, Associate Professor

Buddhism is a major civilizational force that shaped the cultures of Asia in unprecedented ways. It has also been a path of self-discovery and lasting well-being for many. In recent years, there has been a tremendous upsurge of academic and public interest in the study and understanding of Buddhism across the globe. Because of these developments, the study of Buddhism is no longer restricted to a group of specialists but has attracted wider participation by scholars and practitioners from various fields and researchers from diverse networks of critical knowledge. This has in turn produced new venues of intellectual inquiry and an even richer pool of cutting-edge innovations, professional skills, and discerning knowledge that has enriched the orientation of Buddhist studies as an inter- and cross- disciplinary field of inquiry and study.

Aligned with the ways Buddhist Studies is developing and advancing, the Centre of Buddhist Studies (CBS) was inaugurated at The University of Hong Kong in September 2002. It is the first of its kind academic institution to be set up in the region to foster the systematic examination and research into all traditions and aspects of Buddhism from various methodological and disciplinary perspectives. With a future-facing orientation, CBS is now offering a broad range of courses on foundational and emerging topics in Buddhist studies at the undergraduate level (electives, common core courses, and a Minor in Buddhist Studies), the graduate level (Master of Buddhist Studies and Master of Buddhist Counselling), and supports advanced postgraduate research (MPhil and PhD). The Centre of Buddhist Studies is a self-funded academic Centre relying on generous donations and support from benefactors. The degrees are awarded through the Faculty of Arts.

Our Centre is uniquely situated in Hong Kong, a cosmopolitan metropolis that combines Eastern culture and tradition with all the dynamism of a modern society – an ideal setting for a leading academic Centre that offers excellence in innovative research, teaching, and exchange of knowledge set firmly in an international context.

I welcome you to the Centre of Buddhist Studies.

Dr Georgios T. Halkias