Our Donors

The act of offering a gift is highly praised in Buddhism as a virtuous act of lasting meritorious significance. Among all gifts, said the Buddha, ‘The gift of Dhamma excels all other gifts.’ All donations to our Centre are, indeed, ‘gifts of Dhamma’. As a self-funded academic unit, our Centre relies on generous donations to develop its teaching, research, and knowledge exchange initiatives within The University of Hong Kong, regionally, and internationally. The philanthropy from our benefactors makes this possible. All donations to our Centre go towards the study and dissemination of Buddhism.

If you also wish to benefit people with a gift of appreciation and contribute to allow us to make the study of Dhamma available, you are very welcome to make an offering to our Centre. More details are available HERE.


Dānapati - the Lord of Philanthropy

Benevolent acts of generosity (dāna) by supporters have played a vital role in protecting and propagating the Buddhist teachings. Anātha Piṇḍdika who established the famous Jetavana Monastery in the ancient city of Sāvatthi, where the Buddha spent most of his time, was declared by the Buddha as ‘the foremost among the benefactors’. Without such generous support from its benefactors, the promotion of Buddhist teachings would not have been possible.

Our Centre is happy to say that this hallowed tradition of Buddhist philanthropy is still with us today, in the modern city state of Hong Kong. Since our inception in 2002, we have benefited enormously by many acts of generosity by supporters in Hong Kong and overseas. Some of whom have made in support of our activities a substantial sum of donation and became Dānapati, the ‘Lords of Philanthropy’, of our Centre.

Following the Buddha’s example of designating generous donors as ‘great benefactors’, we would also like to honour our own Dānapati. The honour roll below commemorates the compassion of the Dānapati in grateful recognition of their beneficent acts of philanthropy.

~ Honour Roll ~

The Glorious Sun Holdings Limited


Tung Lin Kok Yuen

Li Ka Shing Foundation

The Hong Kong Buddhist Association

Sik Sik Yuen

Venerable Yuen Hang Memorial Trust

The Welfare Fund Limited

MaMa Charitable Foundation

Dr Law Chi Lim Robert

Mr Kwan Shek Yim Vincent

Ms Wong Pui Shan

Dr Lau Wing Chu Thomas

Dr Tam Wah Ching

Ms Wendy K S Gan

Mr Chan Wing Kan Archie

Khyentse Foundation

Master of Buddhist Studies Class of 2014

Mr Cheng Sai Hung

Mr Yao Guoliang

Thomas and Linda Lau Family Foundation

HKUCBS Alumni Association

Professor Chan Zoong Yee Allen


Mr and Mrs Cheung Wing Hay Family

Ms Cheung Yeuk Kiu

Ms Chen Wai Wai Vivien

Mr Lee Kar Fai Philip

Dr Charles Yeung

Ms KI Man Fung Leonie

The D. H. Chen Foundation


Dr Stephen H M Suen

李馮珙華 (李國賢夫人)

Mrs Anita Kit Wai Hudson

Mr Kenneth Thomas Hudson

Jack Leung Family

Mr Ricky Wang

Betty Yang Family

(In chronological sequence according to time of donation)