Master of Buddhist Counselling

The Master of Buddhist Counselling degree (MBC) is a coursework programme intended for individuals with foundational knowledge in Buddhist Studies who would like to study how Buddhist teachings and practices can enhance modern-day counselling skills. The curriculum is designed to appeal to qualified healthcare and mental health professionals who would like to apply Buddhist teaching-based counselling in their professional work as well as to any interested individuals who aspire to apply Buddhist teaching-based counselling skills to nourish their own daily life and working environment. The degree is awarded through the Faculty of Arts. 

Information for MBC Application


The Master of Buddhist Counselling programme offers quality training on Buddhist teaching-based counselling knowledge and skills by means of interdisciplinary learning and contemplative practice. Buddhist counselling students are held to high standards of knowledge of Buddhist teachings, counselling skills, ethics, self-introspection, and awareness. In particular, a significant portion of courses will focus on guiding students to apply Buddhist teachings in counselling. Using this training model, students will participate in group discussions, conduct role playing of counselling sessions, develop mindfulness practices, apply Buddhist counselling techniques in daily lives, and become involved in other experiential activities.

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