Buddhist Counseling: Multifaceted Development of Theories and Practices

Principle investigator (PI): Dr. Kin Cheung (George) Lee
Co-PI: Dr. Jessica Tang
Start date: 2020 Jan
Fund source: Sponsored by Mrs. Lee Fung Kung Wah (Mrs. Simon K.Y. Lee)

Buddhist counseling is an emerging field which adopts Buddhist teaching as a theoretical orientation to liberate suffering in clients using the framework of professional counseling in the contemporary society. As a scholar in Buddhist counseling, the general aim of my research is to develop a practical, systematic, and effective treatment model based on the Early Buddhist Teaching. I have developed a Buddhist counseling model, named as Note, Know, Choose. With this model as the basis, my research projects are divided into four components: (1) conceptual development of a complete theoretical orientation based on Early Buddhism; (2) clinical studies to validate the effectiveness of Note, Know, Choose; (3) application of Note, Know, Choose to different mental health problems and populations, and; (4) development of the field of Buddhist counseling including definition of the field, core competencies of Buddhist counselors, and Buddhist counseling skills and techniques.

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