(LEDO) Project: The Development of a New Set of Teaching Materials for Buddhism Curriculum for Upper Primary and Lower Secondary

Principle investigator (PI): Ven. Hin Hung
Co-PI: Dr. Bonnie W.Y. Wu
End date: 2015 Jun
Fund source: Tung Lin Kok Yuen
Research Output:

  1. The “Orientation to Life Program” OLP was developed and disseminated to more than 200 teachers and students.
  2. Sik Hin Hung’s “Life Education Based on the Concept of Dependent Origination” (LEDO) concept has significantly contributed to the integration of Buddhism and moral and value education, and has led to “Buddhism Moral and Value Education” being adopted as a formal subject in at least 13 Buddhist secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Sik Hin Hung developed the life education programme for primary and secondary school students and teachers, “Orientation to Life Program” (OLP), based on his concept of the “Life Education Based on the Concept of Dependent Origination” (LEDO). LEDO is developed based on the law of Dependent Origination which is one of the core of Buddha’s teachings and the core aspects of LEDO include comprehending life, finding meanings in life, and managing life. “Orientation to Life Program” (OLP) was developed in response to a report published by the Hong Kong Government’s Education Commission in 2000 which advocated a whole-person approach to education, as well as the launching, in 2003, of the new Religious Studies (Buddhism) syllabus in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination. The OLP is a contemplative education programme that infuses learning with the practice of meditation and contemplative activities to facilitate a deeper level of awareness, insight and compassion for oneself and others.

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