Mahayana Buddhist Teaching-based Intervention: Awareness Training Program and Neuroscientific Research

Principle investigator (PI): Ven. Hin Hung
Co-PI: Dr. Bonnie W.Y. Wu, Dr. Gao Junling
End date: 2020 Feb
Fund source: Li Ka Shing (Canada) Foundation and UGC fund
Research Output:
Gao, J., Leung, H. K., Fan, J., Wu, B. W. Y., & Sik, H. H. (2022). The neurophysiology of the intervention strategies of Awareness Training Program on emotion regulation. Frontiers in Psychology, 13.

Wu, B.W.Y., Gao, J., Leung, H.K., & Sik, H.H. (2019). A Randomized Controlled Trial of Awareness Training Program (ATP), a Group-Based Mahayana Buddhist Intervention. Mindfulness, 10(7), 1280-1293.

Our research work of the ATP can be divided into two parts: first the development of the new therapeutic intervention, the Awareness Training Program (ATP) and test is efficacy and effectiveness; then to conduct neuroscientific research on how best to measure the effectiveness of the intervention program using noninvasive brain mapping tools, such as high-definition Electroencephalography (EEG). Our works on the ATP that has been done were summarized as follows:

  • The theoretical foundation and program content of the ATP were completed.
  • Pilot training program of the ATP therapist was completed.
  • Pilot study or feasibility study was completed.
  • Randomized Controlled trial (RCT) had been carried out to assess the effectiveness of the ATP using both psychosocial and neuroscientific measures. The results of the study were very significant statistically.
  • The ATP had been offered to the community.
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