Minor in Buddhist Studies

The minor in Buddhist Studies has been launched successfully since last year. Through the minor programme, you will learn about the history and doctrines of Buddhism and discover how ancient Buddhist wisdom can be valuable to your daily life.

Who can apply?

Students from ALL faculties are welcome to declare the minor in Buddhist Studies.

Those of you who have already completed any of our undergraduate courses are highly encouraged to declare your minor in Buddhist Studies. You will have the advantage of already having fulfilled part of the requirements for the minor. For further information contact our Undergraduate Programme Director, Dr Georgios T. Halkias at buddhism@hku.hk

How will you benefit?

-- Gain a foundational understanding of Buddhist Studies
-- Enrich your major field of study and distinguish yourself as a person with insight
-- Open up yourself to the possibilities of life
-- Learn to appreciate Asian philosophies and religions
-- Enrich your learning experience with ancient Buddhist wisdom
-- Acquire skills to enhance your psychological well-being
-- Expose to Buddhist insights and mindfulness practice which are increasingly valued by many public
   and private

What is required?

To complete the minor in Buddhist Studies, you are required to take a total of 36 credits, including:

2 compulsory core courses

-- BSTC1001 Introduction to Buddhist teachings

-- BSTC1003 Introduction to religious studies


4 advanced courses/cross-listed advanced courses* (courses offered in 2017/18 are listed below)

-- BSTC2002 Life and Buddhism

-- BSTC2004 Chinese Buddhism and ritual

-- BSTC2005 Buddhism in today¡¦s world

-- BSTC2006 Buddhist psychology and mental cultivation

-- BSTC2008 Sanskrit language

-- BSTC2010 Buddhist art and architecture

-- BSTC2014 Chinese Buddhist art

-- BSTC2015 Tibetan language I

-- BSTC2016 Pāli language I

-- BSTC2017 Buddhism and economics

-- BSTC2018 Tibetan language II

-- BSTC2019 Pāli language II

All the courses above can be taken during any year of study.

(* Please note that the advanced course list above refers only to the courses offered in 2017-18. For a full list of advanced courses consult the syllabus of the minor in Buddhist Studies.)

The following 5 courses will not be offered in 2017-18, but the credits earned in these courses in the previous years can be used to fulfil the minor programme requirements:

BSTC2013 Buddhism through film
CHIN2253 Chinese philosophy III: Buddhism
FINE2087 Buddhist art of East Asia

FINE3015 Arts of India
PHIL2800 Buddhist philosophy

The credits earned in BSTC1002 Life and Buddhism (which is now replaced by BSTC2002 Life and Buddhism) can also be used to fulfil the minor programme requirements.


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Email: buddhism@hku.hk



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