Minor in Buddhist Studies

The minor in Buddhist Studies will enable you to gain a foundational understanding of Buddhist cultures, philosophies and practices and discover how this major religious tradition can offer valuable lessons for understanding the way we see ourselves and the world.

Students from ALL faculties are welcome to declare the minor in Buddhist Studies.

1. Appreciate Buddhist Studies as a distinct academic discipline;

2. Learn about the life of the historical founder of Buddhism and his main teachings;

3. Learn to appreciate Asian philosophy, culture and religion;

4. Enrich your learning experience from our interdisciplinary courses;

5. Open up yourself to the possibilities of leading a meaningful life and contributing to positive social change;

6. Acquire skills to enhance your psychological well-being and that of others;

7. Reflect on Buddhist philosophy and contemplative practices which are increasingly valued in many public and private sectors.

1. Gain a critical overview into key moments, issues and themes in Buddhist studies;

2. Critically examine issues pertaining to an understanding of religious doctrines and the application of religious concepts in social and ritual contexts;

3. Gain theoretical and historical knowledge of the diversity of Buddhist tenets and values;

4. Recognize and articulate connections between Buddhist thinking and other fields of studies, academic disciplines, world views and systems of thought;

5. Demonstrate learning skills in clear and effective ways through oral and written presentations, articulation of arguments and in-class debates; and

6. Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the interdependence of man, society and nature to foster greater, responsibility, harmony and respect for diversity.

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Students are required to take a total of 36 credits, composed of:

Two introductory courses
BSTC1003 Introduction to Introduction to religious studies
BSTC1004 Introduction to Buddhism


Four advanced courses from the list below (only courses offered in 2022/23 are listed below) . All courses carry 6 credits.

BSTC2002. Life and Buddhism
BSTC2003. The Influence of Zen Buddhism on Japanese Aesthetics
BSTC2004. Chinese Buddhism and ritual
BSTC2005. Buddhism in today's world
BSTC2006. Buddhist psychology and mental cultivation
BSTC2009. Japanese culture and thought: the Buddhist impact
BSTC2021. Buddhist ethics
BSTC2022. The evolution of Buddhist meditation
BSTC2024. The Buddhist conquest of China
BSTC2027. Tibetan Buddhism
BSTC2028. Making sense of Chan Buddhism
BSTC2008. Sanskrit language I
BSTC2015. Tibetan language I
*CHIN2253. Chinese philosophy III: Buddhism

The following courses are not offered in 2022-23, but the credits earned from these courses in the previous years can be used to fulfil the minor programme requirements:

BSTC1001 Introduction to Budhist teachings
BSTC1002 Life and Buddhism (which is now replaced by BSTC2002 Life and Buddhism)
BSTC2010 Buddhist art of Asia
BSTC2014 Chinese Buddhist art

*courses offered by other departments

All the courses above can be taken during any year of study.

Please note that the advanced course list above refers only to the courses offered in 2022-23. For a full list of advanced courses consult the syllabuses of the minor in Buddhist Studies.

The Centenary Scholarship Fund – Centre of Buddhist Studies Award has been established to recognize students who have demonstrated academic achievements or talent in the courses under the Buddhist Studies minor programme and provide support for their further development.

Target Applicants:
Local full-time undergraduates who are expected to complete the programme requirements of the Minor in Buddhist Studies by the end of the academic year.

Criteria of Award:
Candidate’s academic merit at examination or other forms of course assessments. Interview performance may be considered if applicable.

Application should be submitted through the link below:
Scholarship Application

Closing Date of Application:
3 March, 2023 (Friday)

Notification of Results:
Successful applicants will be notified about the result by July 2023 via email.

Tel: (852) 3917 5009
Email: buddhism@hku.hk



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